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The world's first full stack edge computing platform is here.

Unlock the full potential of satellite connectivity with Commander Connect – the ultimate Starlink operating system for connecting, managing and optimizing multiple terminals.

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The cloud has revolutionized connectivity and speed, but only taken us so far.

Vast parts of the world have no permanent connection to the internet - making them feel as distant as outer space. That’s why we built the first full-stack Edge Computing platform.

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  • Monitor your Starlink deployments from anywhere using Starlink.

  • Quickly deploy apps from the Armada marketplace.

  • Take the power and promise of everything AI has to offer and deploy it at the edge.

  • Solve your greatest problems and challenges and seize opportunities that until now have been completely out of reach.

  • Monitor your deployments from anywhere using Starlink.

We believe all the new challenges and opportunities in the world will be won or lost at the edge

As globalization accelerates the demand for sophisticated edge computing technology escalates. Our holistic edge computing solution is designed to help industrial businesses thrive wherever they operate, even in the most remote corners of the world.


Data is the new oil and speed is the new currency of business.

What good is the data created at the edge when the time it takes to process that data thousands of miles away cannot return in time to stop a catastrophic event? 

We aim to create a world where no disaster is insurmountable, where remote and underserved regions are connected, and where every industry is empowered to innovate freely.

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