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Bridge the Digital Divide

Democratize access, redefine connectivity, and shape the future with us.

Take a deep dive into Armada's mission to bridge the digital divide.


When in doubt, lean forward

Have a propensity for action. Take ownership of whatever is in front of you. Do not get bogged down in indecision. Failure is OK, atrophy is not.


Heal Customer’s pain first

This is why we exist. Everything starts here. We build solutions to problems – existing or imagined.


Act in minutes, think in decades

We are urgently working to solve today’s most critical challenges while building for the future we are creating. Make your work extensible through time.


Live the mission

Internalize the mission, hold yourself and your teammates accountable to it.


Expect greatness

Never settle. Keep the bar high.

Build the Future of Technology

Armada isn't just following tech trends; we're setting them. Become a pioneer in satellite technology and beyond, as we assemble the future one breakthrough at a time.

Bring Connectivity to the Edge

We are on a quest to connect even the most remote corners of the globe, redefining the digital frontier.

Develop Innovations Driven by Sustainability

Armada is committed to creating eco-conscious solutions that protect the environment and promote responsible innovation.

Foster Collaborative Innovation

Innovation thrives when diverse minds come together. Join a global community passionate about collaboration and open dialogue as catalysts for groundbreaking ideas.

Endless Opportunities for Growth

Your journey at Armada isn't just a job; it's a boundless career in a dynamic, ever-evolving industry. Here, you'll have the chance to learn, adapt, and shape your path in a world of endless possibilities.


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