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Armada's Edge in Emergency Management and Crisis Response

Rapid response and real-time decision making are critical in emergency situations, and government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels are responsible for timely and effective action during crises. Whether it is for hurricanes, flooding, wildfires, landslides, or other natural disasters, Armada offers an innovative solution to ensure that agencies are prepared, resilient, and able to efficiently respond to citizen needs. This blog delves into how Armada's technology can transform emergency management by combining connectivity, edge computing, and AI capabilities. 

Armada Edge Computing Solutions for Emergency Response

Satellite Connectivity and Centralized Management for Resilient Communication

Communication failures during and after an emergency typically caused by the lack of internet connectivity and real-time data processing can hinder rescue and recovery efforts, contributing to slow response and tragic loss of life. Being able to easily and seamlessly manage satellite connectivity is paramount to effective communication and emergency response.

As an authorized Starlink reseller, Armada can provide unparalleled high-speed, low-latency satellite connectivity, which government agencies can use either as a primary or a secondary form of communication during an emergency, even in the most remote or disaster-stricken locations.  

Armada’s Commander platform serves as a centralized fleet map for monitoring and managing connected IoT devices, including Starlink terminals, enhancing the effectiveness of the response by providing real-time visibility into bandwidth utilization and alerts about potential network outages.

Unveiling the Potential of Edge Computing in Emergencies

By processing data closer to the source, edge computing reduces latency and enables real-time decision making for emergency responders. Armada’s highly ruggedized, mobile, and modular data centers - Galleons - can serve as the compute infrastructure for mission critical applications including processing large surveillance video feeds from cameras and drones, enabling secure and localized access to patient health records, running AI applications for detection of people or objects in real-time, monitoring road conditions and congestion, and many other critical functions.

Armada’s Galleons, which can come pre-integrated with satellite capabilities, can be strategically placed in a distributed area to ensure a resilient and redundant communication and data processing infrastructure during an emergency. Each Galleon serves as a node in a larger network, with no single point of failure, even if a natural disaster were to take out one of the nodes.  

A well-known challenge for government agencies in emergency response is the coordination and sharing of information between the various agencies involved in a timely manner that enables the most efficient use of resources during a response. Armada’s Galleons can help facilitate collaboration between agencies by serving as a secure infrastructure where multiple agencies can process workloads and share data temporarily if desired in order to support command, control, and interoperability during a response effort.  

 AI-Powered Insights for Crisis Response

Armada's sophisticated first party AI applications can help enhance situational awareness, allocate resources, strengthen preparedness through training simulations, and help aid citizens and agencies alike in emergencies. Armada also supports third party AI applications and partners with several innovative companies to enable government agencies to easily deploy existing applications on Armada’s Galleon infrastructure.  

Through Armada and our partners, government agencies will transition from reactive to proactive strategies by unleashing predictive capabilities for natural disaster management, public health emergencies, and security threats in emergencies.

Final Thoughts

Legacy systems cannot keep up with efficiently processing the vast amounts of data needed for real-time alerting and critical decision making.  Armada’s end to end edge computing capabilities are a game changer for government agencies at the federal, state, and levels who are tasked with delivering a safer, more resilient, and distributed infrastructure for emergency response.