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Armada's Pioneering Approach to Security and Compliance in Edge Computing

In an era where edge computing is reshaping our digital world, Armada stands at the forefront, championing a new era of security. This commitment is not just a response to evolving challenges; it's a proactive move to set new standards in cloud security at the edge. At Armada, we believe that the future of cloud solutions lies in empowering the defender. This vision is ingrained in every aspect of our operations, from our company culture to the very architecture of our products. 

The journey to accomplish this requires thoughtful planning and consideration. We developed a control framework consisting of over 200 controls, each individually tested. Designed for enterprise customers from the onset, we are proud to claim a unique achievement in security and compliance maturity within just a year of our founding. Our goal has been to ensure that our edge infrastructure comes with native security and compliance control implementations, on par with On-premises and Cloud deployments. These controls, such as our advanced encryption protocols, have been implemented across three separate product offerings, shouldering the burden of rigorous security testing and external auditor and penetration testing engagement necessary to achieve our pioneering goals. 

Achieving Milestones in Security and Compliance

Within just a year of our inception, Armada has achieved significant milestones, including SOC 2 Type 1 and ISO 27001 certifications. These certifications are not just testaments to our commitment to security; they are reflections of our core philosophy. At Armada, robust security means not just meeting but exceeding standards. 

Building a Culture of Security

Security at Armada is not just a feature; it's a foundational element of our culture. We have meticulously aligned our products and processes with our overarching compliance and security goals. This organizational harmony ensures that every team member is not just aware of our security objectives but actively contributes to them. Regular training and workshops keep our team updated and involved in maintaining these high standards.

Proactive Cyber Defense: Our Strategic Approach


  • External Penetration Testing: Early in product development, we engaged with a leading external firm. Their insights significantly shaped our security roadmap. 


  • Segmented Environments for Enhanced Security: We maintain distinct environments for development, staging/test, and production, minimizing risks and vulnerabilities. 


  • Advanced Dashboards for Real-Time Security Insights: Our sophisticated dashboards offer real-time insights into our entire environment, enabling swift identification and resolution of potential issues. 


  • Regular Executive Security Meetings: Our leadership regularly reviews the state of security and compliance, driving down action items and spearheading new initiatives. 

Armada's Security Outlook: Beyond Compliance

At Armada, we aim to redefine security standards. Our approach blends innovation, vigilance, and a deep understanding of evolving threats in edge computing. We're crafting secure gateways to the future of cloud solutions at the edge. 

Our journey has only just begun. As we continue to grow and evolve, our commitment to security remains steadfast. We invite you to join us on this journey, to create a more secure, compliant, and resilient digital future. 

A Call to Action for the Edge Computing Ecosystem

Whether you're a current partner, prospective client, or a cybersecurity enthusiast, we welcome your insights and collaboration. Together, let's shape a more secure tomorrow. 

Stay informed and connected with Armada. Join the conversation on and follow our journey as we redefine security at the edge. 

Armada: Secure. Compliant. Future-Ready.