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Bridging the Digital Divide: Why Investors Believe in Armada's Mission

At Armada, our core mission is to bridge the digital divide by harnessing the power of satellite connectivity, edge computing, and AI. We aim to democratize access to technology, ensuring that even the most remote and underserved areas can benefit from the latest advancements. This mission has resonated deeply with our investors, whose support and belief in our goals reinforce our commitment to this transformative journey. Here's why they believe in Armada's mission. 

Founders Fund: Reshaping Industries

“Armada has a best-in-class team building at the edge of what’s technically possible right now. Armada’s edge computing platform will fundamentally reshape entire industries.”

- Founders Fund


This belief in our team and technology underlines the potential of our mission to redefine industry standards through innovation at the edge.

Lux Capital: AI for Environmental Improvement

“Artificial intelligence has the potential to vastly improve our environment, and tap into our natural resources more renewably... We invested in Armada because of our belief in Dan Wright and Jon Runyan, a pair of veteran company builders, to offer a compute stack with the latest AI tools to capture this data, train cutting edge AI, and put them to work towards improving humanity while building an iconic company in the process."

- Lux Capital


Lux Capital’s confidence in our leadership and AI capabilities aligns with our vision of using technology for environmental sustainability and human advancement.

Shield Capital: Driving AI Innovation

"At Shield Capital, we're highly impressed with Armada for their groundbreaking approach to edge computing. Their exceptional leadership team and its ability to recruit an A team is driving innovation that will power AI everywhere. Armada is setting a new industry standard and making it easy for commercial and government enterprises to engage AI at the edge. What particularly excites us is their flexibility and resiliency in deploying AI solutions, providing a fundamental advantage over centralized data centers in distributed and challenging environments."

- Shield Capital


Shield Capital’s remarks highlight our commitment to making AI accessible and functional in various industry applications, an essential part of our mission.

8090 Industries: Pioneering in Industrial and Defense Sectors

"We're thrilled to lead this round for Armada, leveraging the collective strength of our partnership of leading global industrial giants. Armada's cutting-edge solution opens up massive collaboration opportunities across the entire industrial base. Beyond that, Armada is perfectly positioned as we explore applications in government and defense markets."

- 8090 Industries


8090 Industries’ enthusiasm underscores the broad scope of our impact, from industrial applications to potential government and defense uses, highlighting our ability to foster significant collaborations and expand our reach.

Felicis: Data as a Catalyst for Action

"If data is the new oil, then Armada is how it gets refined at the edge into actionable decisions."

- Felicis


This analogy by Felicis perfectly encapsulates our goal of transforming raw data into actionable insights, a crucial step in bridging the digital divide.

Contrary: Leading AI and Edge Computing

"We're still in the early innings of what AI and Edge Computing will do to the physical world. Few companies understand how to build real solutions for the industrial sectors foundational to our economy, which is why we're excited by Armada's depth and focus."

- Contrary


Contrary’s perspective highlights our role in shaping the future of AI and Edge Computing, especially in foundational industrial sectors.

Marlinspike: Empowering AI and Analytics

"We are big believers in bringing the power of AI and analytics to the edge. Armada’s comprehensive edge computing platform, backed up by a world-class management team, aligns perfectly with our investment thesis."

- Marlinspike


Marlinspike’s belief in our platform and management team reaffirms our mission to empower industries with AI and analytics at the edge.

137 Ventures: Transforming Remote Industrial Operations

“The Armada team is truly remarkable, as they are addressing a critical gap in compute and AI capabilities for remote industrial facilities. The promised enhancements in safety and productivity have the potential to be truly transformative. We are extremely excited about the possibilities this offers."

- 137 Ventures


137 Ventures’ support emphasizes our commitment to enhancing safety and productivity in remote industrial settings, a key aspect of our mission.

Koch Real Estate Investments: Serving Industrial IoT Needs

"Armada plays a vital role in addressing the growing compute needs of industrial IoT for manufacturing and industrial applications, in a sector that has been vastly underserved but is crucial in today’s landscape."

- Koch Real Estate Investments


Koch Real Estate Investments’ recognition of our role in industrial IoT underscores our commitment to delivering solutions where they are most needed. 
Our investors' faith in Armada’s mission is not just an endorsement of our current capabilities, but a belief in our potential to drive meaningful change. Their insights and support fuel our dedication to bridging the digital divide, underscoring the importance and impact of our mission. As we continue on this path, we are inspired and motivated by this collective confidence in our vision and goals. 

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