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The Armada Vision: Distributed Intelligence for a Distributed World

Delving into the mind of Dan Wright, Founder & CEO of Armada, unveils a fascinating journey through the rapidly evolving realms of connectivity, computing, and AI. At Armada, our journey is more than just technological advancement; it's a quest inspired by Dan's profound belief in distributed intelligence. "In a world teeming with data, our mission is to ensure that intelligence is not just centralized but distributed, accessible where it's needed most," Dan shares. This vision drives Armada to bridge the physical and digital realms, ensuring that distributed intelligence becomes a reality across the globe's most challenging environments. 

A Space Company with a Terrestrial Touch

"Rather than centralized data/intelligence, we're in a world of distributed data. Therefore, we need distributed intelligence – compute," explains Dan Wright, CEO of Armada. "This philosophy defines Armada as a space company, not in the traditional sense, but in our commitment to a future where distributed intelligence reaches every frontier - land, oceans, and space."

"Armada stands at the crossroads of space and terrestrial technology, redefining what it means to operate at the edge in the 21st century," Dan Wright elucidates. "It's not just about launching satellites to provide connectivity; we're ensuring that the intelligence they gather is actionable at every point on Earth." 

A New Type of Cloud: The Rise of Mobile Data Centers

"The inception of the cloud revolutionized computing, but the edge is where tomorrow's battles for data supremacy will be fought," Wright observes. "Our mobile data centers stand in stark contrast to traditional cloud computing. The cloud was created in response to widespread demand for computing 20ish years ago, but the world has changed a lot," Wright points out. With data generation shifting to remote edges, these centers are critical for on-site data processing.

Understanding 'The Edge': Urban and Remote

Dan emphasizes the ubiquity of data generation: "Every sensor, every camera, is a source of intelligence waiting to be tapped. At Armada, we're making sure this intelligence is not latent but active, driving decisions in real-time, whether in a crowded city or a remote outpost."

For Armada, 'the edge' encompasses diverse realms - both urban and remote. "The cost of cameras and sensors has gone down 10X," notes Wright, highlighting how industrial, defense, and other sectors are generating massive amounts of data that necessitate local processing. 

The Galleon: AI On Demand – Anywhere, Any Time

"Our Galleon data centers are not a futuristic dream but a present reality," Dan states. These mobile powerhouses are at the forefront of edge computing, bringing AI-driven insights to where they're needed most. "We have them available today... We have AI applications running on them," Wright states. These data centers are vital for enabling AI at the edge, providing real-time processing and insights.

Starlink + Armada: A Full-Stack Vision

The collaboration with Starlink is a cornerstone of Armada's strategy. "This collaboration is a powerful testament to our full-stack approach, integrating every layer from hardware to AI, ensuring seamless, impactful solutions," Wright explains, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between connectivity and intelligence. 

The Promise of Global Connectivity

Dan is optimistic about the transformative potential of global connectivity: "By harnessing AI, including generative models like ChatGPT, we're not just connecting devices; we're enabling intelligent operations across the most remote corners of the world. We believe in the immense potential of connecting remote devices globally," Wright asserts.

Engaging with Global Security and Bridging Divides

"We're not just solving technical challenges; we're addressing global disparities, ensuring that the benefits of AI and connectivity reach everyone, everywhere," Wright underscores.

Our involvement in national security and defense highlights our broader mission. "Our mission is to bridge the digital divide, and the point is to solve hard problems and bring opportunities to people who haven't historically had them," Wright emphasizes.

The Future: AI-Powered Operations on the Ground

Looking forward, Armada is set to revolutionize remote operations with AI, including a spectrum of generative AI, LLM’s, multimodal AI and real-time machine learning capabilities, tailored for designing industry-specific applications such as real-time visual inspection, assistive agents, predictive maintenance, robotics, and more. "We're focused on the next few years... especially in these more remote edge scenarios," Wright reflects, envisioning EdgeAI capabilities transforming environments like battlefields, mines, and oil rigs. "The opportunity for Armada is at the edge, where AI will redefine industries, making remote operations safer, more efficient, and more connected than ever before." 

Join Us

"As we chart this course towards a universally connected and intelligent world, we invite you to join us. Armada is more than a company; it's a movement towards a future where no place is too remote, no data too inaccessible, and no challenge too great," Dan concludes.

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