A Strategic Alliance in MENA:
Armada and Edarat Group Unite

In a pivotal move for the MENA (MiddleEast and North Africa) region's Information and Communications Technology (ICT) landscape, Armada, renowned for its innovative edge computing solutions, has partnered with the Edarat Group, a leader in ICT infrastructure. This strategic alliance is set to redefine how businesses across the Middle East and North Africa leverage technology, promising to bridge the digital divide.

This strategic collaboration harnesses the synergies between Armada's innovative edge computing solutions and Edarat Group's extensive ICT expertise, promising a new horizon of digital empowerment across the region."

— Dan Wright, CEO of Armada

Broadening Horizons with Advanced ICT Solutions

This partnership integrates edge computing infrastructures with cloud-based solutions, creating an efficient ICT service model for modern businesses in diverse landscapes. Simultaneously, Commander Connect, a game-changing Starlink monitoring system for enterprise edge computing, revolutionizes satellite internet interaction, enhancing connectivity, operations, and productivity.

Edarat Group: A Pillar of ICT Excellence

Edarat Group stands at the forefront of ICT innovation, with a robust portfolio that spans designing, building, and operating state-of-the-art data centers. Their Sovereign Multi-Cloud platform exemplifies a commitment to delivering secure and flexible cloud services, tailored to the unique demands of the MENA market. Beyond data centers, Edarat Group’s ventures into smart city and building solutions highlight their comprehensive approach to ICT, aiming to enhance urban living and operational efficiency through technology.

Galleon: The Vanguard of Edge Computing

Central to this alliance is the Galleon, Armada's flagship modular data center, poised to revolutionize how businesses deploy and manage IT infrastructure. With its robust compute and storage capabilities, coupled with seamless connectivity to local networks, the Galleon embodies a 'Datacenter in a Box' concept. These self-contained units are designed for rapid deployment, bringing critical IT resources closer to where data is generated and consumed. Edarat Group's commitment to acquiring 10Galleons in 2024 underscores the strategic importance of this technology in their portfolio, aiming to enhance the ICT capabilities of industries acrossSaudi Arabia and beyond.

Satellite Connectivity and Commander Connect: Expanding Horizons

The integration of satellite connectivity into this partnership extends the reach of ICT solutions to the most remote and underserved areas, ensuring that no business is left behind in the digital era. Armada's Commander Connect software further strengthens this alliance, offering centralized control over Galleons and connected assets. This synergy between satellite technology and edge computing paves the way for unparalleled operational efficiency and real-time data processing capabilities.

Potential Use Cases and Impact

Energy Industry

Accessing real-time analytics can optimize resource management and predict maintenance needs.

Mining Sector

Benefit from enhanced safety and efficiency through on-site data processing.

Smart City Initiatives

Utilize integrated ICT solutions for enhanced urban planning and public services, fostering connected and sustainable urban development


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