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Welcome to The Armada Pioneer Network: Charting New Frontiers Together

Today marks a significant milestone in our shared journey towards innovation and exploration. We are thrilled to unveil the Armada Pioneer Network (APN), a groundbreaking partner program that embodies our mission to bridge the digital divide and elevate edge computing to unprecedented heights.  

The APN is a collective of forward-thinkers, united in a quest to redefine the boundaries of technology and connectivity.

The Essence of The Armada Pioneer Network

The Armada Pioneer Network represents a movement. As pioneers, we are on a quest to harness the untapped potential of edge computing and bring transformative solutions to every corner of the globe. This network is our vessel to navigate the uncharted waters of digital innovation, ensuring that no community or industry is left behind in the digital era. The APN ecosystem assists in developing, promoting, and selling products and solutions to customers through valuable business, technical, and marketing support from Armada. 

Our Partners: The Trailblazers of Tomorrow

The APN is designed to accommodate a diverse array of partnership models, each contributing uniquely to our collective success:

Technology Partners/ISVs: Collaborating to integrate and enhance our technological capabilities and driving innovation in our offerings.

Channel Partners and Resellers: They form the bridge between Armada's innovations and the market, delivering our solutions to a broader audience.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs): Offering comprehensive, end-to-end solutions, these partners are integral to delivering a seamless Armada experience.

Referral Partners: These are key players in expanding our horizons by generating leads and opening new avenues for growth.

Installation and Support Partners: These partners ensure the smooth implementation and maintenance of our solutions at the customer's site.

Influencer Partners: Strategic advisors guiding our journey, shaping our products, and positioning us in the market. 


“At Skydio, we're not just about flying drones. We're about capturing critical data in the toughest spots you can imagine, where even the internet fears to tread. By partnering with Armada, we're combining our strengths to offer our customers a powerful solution. This collaboration enables us to integrate Armada's edge computing capabilities with our autonomous drones, making data capture and processing smoother and faster. We're excited about the possibilities this partnership opens up to streamline workflows and accelerate insights for our customers.”


-  Gagan Kanwar, VP of Partnership


“We're thrilled to partner with Armada to bring our cutting-edge Kelvin software to the global Armada Edge Galleon network to make autonomous operations real in energy, oil & gas, manufacturing, and other industrial sectors. Kelvin’s AI powered software combined with Armada Galleons will enable our customers to boost productivity, cut down on waste, and make a real difference in reducing emissions across the board. We are excited about this deep tech and market partnership to revolutionize the next generation of AI driven autonomous operations.”

-  Suhail Jiwani, Chief Technology Officer

Advantages of Joining the Armada Pioneer Network

As a member of the APN, you are integral to our mission. Here are the benefits you can expect:

Global Reach: Extend your influence by accessing untapped markets, helping us bridge the digital divide.

Innovative Solutions: Utilize our state-of-the-art edge computing technology to develop groundbreaking solutions.

Collaborative Marketing: Benefit from joint marketing initiatives that amplify our collective message.

Support and Empowerment: Receive comprehensive support from Armada, encompassing all aspects of your growth.

Training and Resources: Access a wealth of knowledge and tools to enhance your capabilities in the digital landscape. 

As part of our partner program, you gain access to the Commander Marketplace of Connected Assets and Software Applications. This marketplace serves as a hub where current partners thrive, and we eagerly invite new members to join and expand this vibrant ecosystem. 


“As an authorized Starlink reseller, Pivotel Solutions offers both fixed and mobile Starlink services across diverse global markets including North America, LATAM, EMEA, Asia, and Oceania. We cater to a wide range of sectors such as commercial maritime, agri-tech, government, and enterprise customers. Our collaboration with Armada has been instrumental, providing our customers with a cloud-based portal to monitor their Starlink services effectively. This is particularly crucial for those managing large fleets, whether on land or at sea. We are excited about Armada’s continuous enhancements to the portal, which promise to deliver even greater value to our customers over time. Moreover, we are thrilled to expand our offerings with Commander Connect and Armada’s Galleon mobile data centers to our customers.”

-  Robert Sakker, President and CEO


"By combining the scalability and flexibility of EdaratCloud with the speed and efficiency of edge computing, we can provide clients with a comprehensive solution that optimizes performance and user experience. The integration of EdaratCloud and the Galleon allows for real-time data processing closer to the source, reducing latency and enhancing overall system reliability."

-  Ghassan El Khazen, Chief Technology Officer

Our Mission at the Heart of APN

At Armada, our mission is to bridge the digital divide and elevate edge computing to unprecedented levels. We are committed to making innovative technology accessible to all, regardless of location or industry. Through the Armada Pioneer Network, we aim to create a world where connectivity is not a privilege but a right for everyone. This mission drives every partnership, every innovation, and every solution we create.

Our pledge is embodied in our innovative product lines, each designed to bridge the digital divide with state-of-the-art technology. Commander Connect is the ultimate operating system for Starlink, offering a single pane of glass to view and manage all your connected assets. This platform extends computing power to the farthest reaches of the earth, precisely where it's needed most, ensuring that industries can operate at peak efficiency regardless of location. Edge, including our Galleon data centers, provides the necessary computing power to support these operations, enabling robust and scalable infrastructure. EdgeAI revolutionizes data utilization at the edge, enabling industries to harness real-time, actionable insights. Together, these products optimize the technological potential at the edge for industries around the globe. 


“Metaspectral and Armada are teaming up to revolutionize industrial computer vision. Together, we're making the invisible visible, setting new standards for quality and efficiency in production. This partnership goes beyond improving detection; it's about pioneering a future where every detail is not only seen but fully understood.”

-  Francis Doumet, Co-Founder and CEO


“Cyber threats pose an existential risk to the world's industrial infrastructure, from far-afield oil and natural gas facilities to the great urban manufacturing hubs. Galvanick is excited to partner with Armada to help the world's best industrial companies protect their people, equipment, and facilities whenever, and wherever they operate.”

-  Joshua Steinman, Co-Founder and CEO

Iconic Air

“The upcoming Inflation Reduction Act methane fee, SEC climate-risk disclosures, and increasingly stringent U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations have turned accurate and verifiable carbon data and reporting into a material enterprise risk for many oil & gas operators today. Iconic Air is excited to partner with Armada to help oil and gas companies address this risk and begin calculating their emissions on the edge in real time.”

-  James Carnes, Co-Founder and CTO

Embark on This Exciting Voyage with Us

The establishment of the APN is just the beginning of a remarkable journey. We cordially invite you to join us in this pioneering venture as we navigate towards the edge of technological discovery. The Armada Pioneer Network is more than a partnership; it's a collaboration of visionaries poised to redefine the landscape of technology and connectivity.

Realm Alliance

“We're excited to join forces with Armada, offering our collective customers an unparalleled security solution. Through this partnership, we're bringing together advanced surveillance integration and industry-leading expertise to provide a comprehensive security framework. Our customers can look forward to enhanced operational visibility, seamless information sharing, and a fortified environment that supports both current needs and future growth.”

-  Eugene Marinelli, Co-Founder


“DeepIQ is thrilled to embark on a partnership with Armada, integrating our AI-powered no-code platform specializing in time-series and geospatial data analytics into the Armada EdgeAI Marketplace. This collaboration aims to address intricate challenges at the Edge, providing groundbreaking solutions to clients in sectors such as Oil and Gas, Mining, Chemicals, and Manufacturing.”

-  Viswanath Avasarala, Founder and CEO

As we embark on this exciting voyage, your expertise, innovation, and passion are the sails that will propel us forward. Together, in the Armada Pioneer Network, we will explore uncharted territories, conquer new challenges, and unlock unprecedented opportunities.

For more information on becoming a part of this groundbreaking journey, please visit our Partner Landing Page. Your insights, contributions, and partnership are invaluable as we chart a course to a future where technology is not just a tool, but a pathway to limitless possibilities.

Together, as the Armada Pioneer Network, we will venture into the future, bridging gaps, breaking barriers, and redefining the essence of edge computing.