Starlink monitoring system: Commander Connect from ArmadaStarlink monitoring system: Commander Connect from Armada

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Discover the future of enterprise-scale connectivity with Commander Connect.

Discover the future of enterprise-scale connectivity with Commander Connect.

Our innovative Starlink OS empowers you to scale effortlessly and take control like never before. Whether expanding your network or enhancing existing resources, our software simplifies the process. Commander Connect is the ideal solution, enabling any company to efficiently manage and optimize their Starlink fleet for unparalleled connectivity at the edge.

Elevate your connectivity experience with Commander Connect.
Gain Access to a world of seamless satellite monitoring and management.

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Key features

Commander Connect is a game-changing Starlink monitoring and management system. Tailored for edge computing applications in the enterprise sector, it revolutionizes satellite internet interaction, offering unprecedented advantages to enhance connectivity, streamline operations, and boost productivity.

Experience Enhanced Connectivity With:

Monitor Starlink remotely with Commander Connect from Armada

Seamless Starlink Integration

Simplify your setup by purchasing and deploying Starlink terminals and services directly through the Commander dashboard.

Starlink dashboard: Commander Connect from Armada

Centralized Control

Remotely monitor and manage Starlink satellites, mobile data centers, and applications through a single, intuitive interface.

AI predictive analytics: Commander Connect from Armada

AI-Powered Assistance

Receive contextual alerts, diagnostics, and troubleshooting guidance, enabling swift issue resolution and support.

Starlink fleet management: Commander Connect from Armada


As your business grows, Commander Connect makes it easy to expand your infrastructure without limitations

Starlink dashboard with advanced security: Commander Connect from Armada

Enhanced Security

Protect your data and operate with confidence with Commander's advanced security features.

IoT analytics software for edge computing: Armada Marketplace

Armada Marketplace Access

Access connectivity and IoT assets that enhance your network capabilities and drive innovation.

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The Armada Advantage:
Elevating Your Enterprise Connectivity

Commander is the connectivity solution at the heart of Armada's edge computing platform. It offers centralized control, monitoring and management of your Starlink infrastructure, making it the ideal choice for businesses seeking reliable, enterprise-scale connectivity.

Unrivaled Reliability

Ensures dependable connectivity for continuous operations even in challenging environments.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Reduced data processing time for faster, more efficient decision-making.

Advanced Security Measures

Protect your data with Commander Connect's advanced security features, providing true peace of mind anywhere in the world with enterprise-level security and state-of-the-art encryption and data protection.

Scalable as You Grow

Commander Connect adapts and scales to your business's growth, ensuring you have the connectivity you need to thrive.

Enhanced Collaboration

Ensures effective team communication across locations with reliable, high-speed connectivity.

Advanced Edge Computing

Superior satellite edge processing capabilities for reduced latency, crucial for real-time data analysis and decision-making.

Cost-Effective Connectivity

Provides a budget-friendly solutions to high-end satellite connectivity.

Compliance with Regulations

Meets data compliance and sovereignty standards, simplifying legal complexities.

Centralized Management

Streamline operations with a single interface to monitor and manage all aspects of your network - enhancing efficiency at scale.

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