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Redefining Expertise with Armada’s Foundational AI

The term "AI" means different things to different people. At Armada, we are setting new standards by redefining what Practical AI means for the industries we serve, from oil and gas to mining and beyond, also with a heavy emphasis on public sector applications. 

AI Redefined: Beyond Applications to Capabilities

At Armada, we don't just build AI applications; we have developed foundational AI models that serve as the backbone for versatile, industry-specific solutions. This approach stems from a profound understanding that the real power of AI lies not in standalone applications but in the core capabilities that underpin them.

For example, our "Edge Narrate" capability transforms visual data into actionable insights, where a simple camera input at a construction site becomes a comprehensive activity report through advanced vision-to-text AI models. This capability is not confined to just one application; it's an extensible tool that adapts to diverse operational needs, from creating daily rig reports in oil fields to enhancing safety protocols in mining operations, through real-time safety reports. 

Use Cases: AI in Action

Public Sector: Our AI capabilities provide public sector agencies with advanced analytics to improve decision-making and resource management. From city planning to emergency management, our solutions offer enhanced data analysis and operational efficiency.

Energy Sector (Oil and Gas): Our AI enhances monitoring and predictive maintenance in the oil and gas industry. By analyzing seismic data and IoT sensor information, we predict equipment failures and optimize drilling processes, thereby enhancing safety and reducing environmental impact.

Mining: We revolutionize mining operations by improving safety and efficiency. Our AI toolkit facilitates geospatial and drone data analysis for mineral exploration and predictive maintenance models that anticipate equipment failures, reducing downtime and enhancing worker safety.

Healthcare: For healthcare providers, our AI processes patient data in real-time to assist with diagnosis and treatment plans, improving patient outcomes and optimizing resource allocation.

Manufacturing: In manufacturing, our AI drives automation of production lines, quality control, and supply chain logistics, ensuring higher precision and operational efficiency.

Agriculture: Our solutions support precision farming techniques, using data from satellite images and ground sensors to optimize irrigation, pest control, and crop yields.

Commander: The Central OS for AI Capabilities

Commander is the central operating system that enables the deployment and management of all Armada’s AI capabilities. By seamlessly integrating with edge computing, satellite internet, and IoT devices, Commander ensures that your data remains secure within your environment, empowering your experts to leverage AI to enhance workflows and accelerate decision-making. 

Elastic Computing on the Edge: A Game Changer

Traditionally, AI has been cloud-centric, relying heavily on the vast computing power of cloud infrastructures. However, Armada is pioneering the shift towards edge computing, where AI capabilities are processed locally, closer to where data is generated. This shift is not just about bringing computing geographically closer to data sources but about enabling real-time data processing and decision-making in remote and challenging environments without the latency and bandwidth limitations of the cloud. 

The Power of Modern Technologies

Power to Compute at the Edge: By processing data locally, Armada's AI toolkit reduces latency and enhances real-time responsiveness, crucial for industries operating in remote areas.

Satellite Internet: High-speed Starlink internet connectivity ensures that even the most isolated locations have access to Armada’s AI-driven analytics, enabling global reach and operational continuity.

Proliferation of IoT Devices: The explosion of IoT devices across sectors provides unprecedented amounts of data that fuel our AI algorithms. These devices, when connected and integrated through our AI toolkit, transform raw data into actionable insights, making operations smarter and more proactive. 

The Generative AI Difference

Our commitment to generative AI (Gen AI) marks a significant pivot from traditional AI models. Armada's Gen AI capabilities are not confined to narrow tasks but are designed and trained to be adaptable and scalable across various domains. By leveraging large, open-source models trained on diverse data sets, we fine-tune these models to cater to specific industrial needs, offering our partners tailor-made solutions that are both robust and flexible.

Empowering Industries with Predictive Capabilities

Beyond our focus on immediate operational needs, Armada's AI tools are equipped to predict and anticipate challenges, allowing industries to shift from reactive to proactive management. These predictive capabilities are critical in reducing operational variability and enhancing the predictability of outcomes, which in turn drives safety, efficiency and reduces costs.

Emphasizing Data Privacy and Augmentation

Armada's AI solutions are designed to augment human expertise rather than replace it, allowing subject matter experts (SMEs) to enhance their workflows with AI assistance. The data remains secure within the customer's environment, respecting privacy and data sovereignty while empowering teams to achieve more with the help of AI. 

Join Us on This Journey to the Edge with AI

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